Nuñez Sound

My name is Jonathan Nuñez and I'm a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer who also provides various degrees of producing. Since 2003, I have worked with both national and international artists in array of studios including the Universal Music Group studios in Santa Monica, California. 

Through my work in audio I've been fortunate to attract musicians because of the honest and realistic approach I gravitate towards while recording. My primary focus is a band’s actual sound, while creating a recording environment that embellishes the character and identity of each project. I strive to further imprint as well as expand a band's sound throughout the mixing and mastering process. This is the driving force behind all efforts at Sound Artillery Studio which I established in 2020. Sound Artillery has allowed me to use the space itself as a very creative and sonically pleasing instrument, which houses a fair amount of gear aim'd towards working at an efficient as well as productive pace. Just as important, the space has been home to tons of laughs and good times. 

Not only do I mic stuff and play with knobs: from 2004 to 2022 I was a founding member and played guitar in Torche (bass for the first 13 years or so) and currently play guitar in Shitstorm which I was also a founding member of, and continue to record and tour with. My relentless pursuit of truly unique and expressive audio led me to start Nuñez Amps in 2017. By doing so, I am able to offer unique amplifiers, cabinets, and pedals designed for extended range for musicians who demand more versatility from their gear.