Thank you for checking out the site, I appreciate your interest in working with me/Sound Artillery! 

Studio rates are listed below, but if day rates or package pricing would be a better fit for your project's budget that is doable. For genres with very short material (like Grindcore and Powerviolence) package accommodations are available as well. 

Studio rate:

$50 an hr

(Day rates available) 

Tape Transfers:

$50 an hr 

(Tape to be provided by band)

Mastering fees:


$80 single format, up to 5 mins

$90 dual format, up to 5 mins

LP and EP

$75 per song, single format 

$80 per song, dual format

Instrumental versions

$10 per song

For studio inquiries please email: Nunez305@gmail.com

* There is no additional cost for using any in house gear *